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Eighth Festival


Exhibit Title:
Eighth Fajr Fashion & Clothing Exhibition – International Section

Holding time:
February 14-17, 2019

Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

Secretary of the International Department:
Mr. Mehdi Afzali


Eighth Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival Gallery


  • Invitation to the International Section
  • Chabahar Overview
  • Golden Peacocks Award
  • Mahtab Award
  • Short Films Festivals

The International Section of the Eighth Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival will donate a golden peacock Award to the first member by adding a special section to its different sections.

Since the language of arts in the international arena provides opportunities for the expression of religious, Islamic, and international discourses, as well as the negative propaganda of the Western media against Iran and Islam, various activities are carried out, especially in the fields of culture and culture. The art of Islamic dress and Islamic women’s activities will enable us to establish an unbreakable link between the world and Islam and, with its successful presence, will pave the way for clarifying public opinion about Iran’s cultural-artistic reserves and the role of Islamic Iran in Islamic civilization.

On the eve of the eighth Fajr International Fashion and Clothing International Festival, the International Division plans to add a special section to its different sections and donate to the first person a golden peacock.

The terms of participation in the International Division are as follows:

This will assume favorable conditions and conditions that will be referred to in some cases:

1- To motivate the presence of designers in international arenas

2. To motivate designers to enter international markets

3. To establish a wider and more effective communication between the Secretariat of the International Division and the active designers in the international arena.

4) Creating a bridge for more and more communication with the international section of the festival and active participation in this section

5. Identify existing international capacities and facilities in the field of designers and activists of Islamic fashion and clothing

6. Expand international competition through competition

7- Creating media attractiveness

8. Encourage designers to have a better presence in international programs throughout the year

Accordingly, all international designers and activists are invited to submit their resume and international activities to the Secretariat by the 1st of February 1397.

Terms of participation in the international sector-Competitive:

_ Send a resume including all international activities in the field of clothing and clothing.

_ The need for international activities leading to scientific output, contracting, etc.

_ The acceptability of international activities within the framework of the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the policies of the Working Group on the Organization of Fashion and Clothing of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

_ Documenting the results achieved in the international arena.

_ Effectiveness of international activities in the field of fashion and clothing.

Tips and conditions:

1- The deadline for submission of works is till the tenth of February, 1397.

2. All submitted works must be accompanied by a complete specification, including the application form for participation in the International Competition section of the Festival (available at the International Festival Center at www. Iif-iran.com) to the Secretariat at Karim Khan, South Africa, Senior Alley, No. 10, Third Floor, Oriental, or send to ca.designer52@yahoo.com.

3- Iranian designers who have registered their brand outside of Iran can not participate in the competition and they can only be present in the Iranian designers outside the country.

4. Completing and submitting the application form will not create an obligation for the Secretariat.

5. The documents submitted to the secretariat of the festival are reserved and will not be returned.

6. The Secretariat of the Festival, with the telephone number 88945003-88948184, is ready to answer the questions of the applicants in this section of the festival.

9 After the expiration of the deadline, all resumes and documents will be reviewed by the International Fashion and Clothing Council and the results will be announced on the closing day.

Mahtab Award National Call

First Annual for Clothing Design, inspired by Baluch Sewing
The 8th International Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival would grant “Mahtab Award“ to clothing and accessories which are designed aiming on presentation to the global markets and by inspiration of traditional clothing of south of Iran and the art of needlework , by cooperation of its international section and in honoring and memorial of the great artist women of this region (including Mahtab Norouzi, as a symbol of the artist ladies).
Mahtab Norouzi
Art of needlework is one of the Iranian handicrafts and arts dated back to 8000 years ago and Sistan & Baluchestan Province is on top of history narration of such unique and fine art. History of needlework art dated back to interest of daughter of one of the governmental agents in Baluchestan named as “Mahmonir Jahanbani”, some local people believes that she discovered the art of Baluch woman and promoted such art to the society. “Mahmonir” got familiar with “Mahtab Norouzi” one of the skillful seamstress Baluch woman, who was residing in Ghasem Abad Village, Bampour Section of Iranshahr City and she introduced her great art.
Mahtab Norouzi used to do needlework art since her childhood under training of her mother and when got 16 years old, she became the unique and great master of such art. The hand creatures of this lady were exposed to the national and international exhibitions many times and attracted attention of many people and quite acclaimed by the audiences. Except needlework, she was master of Parivarduzi, Siahdouzi, Mirror sewing, coin sewing and Roudouzi in Sistan and Baluchestan Region and most girls of this region learned such great art and knowledge.
Mahtab Norouzi awarded by Ministry of guidance with First Class Artistic Award and was nominated for UNESCO seal of Excellence.
Mahtab Norouzi, the symbol of half a century of needlework in Baluchestan , passed away on 13 July 2012 when she was 76 years old in her provenance.
International Section of 8th Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival
The international section of Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival is to hold Mahtab Award Festival aiming on preserving heritage of several thousand years old needlework art of South and Makran Region and increasing the potentials of the ladies and artists who rely on such Iranian unique and traditional art.
This event is because of the fact that needlework art is one of the historical and valuable handicrafts of Baluch ladies which shows the road map of Iranian fashion and clothing and in case of its introduction, it has capability to covert to road map of Iranian fashion and clothing in the global markets. This art is attractive for the foreign tourists and the international designers. The peak of economic prosperity of such art dated back to several decades ago and at present the need for serious and stable presence of Baluch needlework art in the global market is felt more than ever as to recognition of the global market and also international branding.
Festival Goals:
1- Encouragement of designers for presenting the ideas and noble and applied designs as per time requirement of Baluch Needlework arts
2- Providing the suitable ground for uncovering and emerging the talents and creativities related to identified clothing and textiles in Makran cultural arena.
3- Introducing the capabilities of lady artists and potentials of south of Iran
4- Appreciation of activity records of pioneers, Iranian fames and activists of Baluch needlework art
5- Creation of suitable atmosphere for introducing the native art of southern Iran to the global markets
6- Development of interaction and cooperation atmosphere among the Iranian artists in Roudouzi specially needlework art of South with the nationwide designers.
7- Creation of appropriate atmosphere for using of the audiences from capacities and capabilities existing in the art of Iran south
8- Creation of stable employment in context of growth and evolution of economy, art, cultural and artists employment, creative economy and decentralization of employment in the capital
9- Marketing studies and introducing the productions with the export capability and determining the target markets and making ground for export of Iranian noble needlework art.
Consent Sections
• Clothing designing (inspiring from Iran South Clothing)
• Accessories designing

Terms and Conditions for Participation in the Contest
• Registration through international section site at www.iif-iran.com
• Sending the designed works and accessories (including head cover, pants, ….) to the secretariat of international section to the address of No.10, Arshad St., South Abad Ave., Karimkha
• Deadline: 27 Jan. 2019
• The cloths standard size must be 38-40 for women and 48-50 for men
• The presented works will be assessed in every stage by the jury board and will be qualified for next stage in case of obtaining the required points. The final results will be declared in the closing ceremony of International Section of Festival in Chabahar Free Zone.
• The results will be informed in any stage through internet site of international section of Festival and will be informed to the participants on declared time.
• In any stage, in addition to clothing, it is required to present the harmonic accessories
• The presented designs will be considered in case of conformity with the festival goals.
• Presenting the theoretical fundamentals and identity card of presented designs in all section (maximum 100 words) would be required
• Every designer can participate in the consent at most with two unrepeatable works
• Decision making as to unpredictable issues will be borne by the secretariat of the festival.
• It is required that the designed works to be new and creative and to be presented for the first time.
Private Conditions for participation in the Consent:
– Every designed work must have nobility ID card and research identification
– In all the designed works, the genuineness and identity of southern colors and needlework designs must be observed
– All the works must be designed with Makran and South needlework art , together with the modern elements for entry to the global markets.
– The right of decision making and using the top clothing will be borne by the secretariat of international section of Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival by preserving the copy right of work holders.
• first winner in design of clothing and accessories, One full Bahar Azadi Gold Coin together with Mahtab Award
• Second person in design of clothing and accessories, One half Bahar Azadi Gold Coin together with Mahtab Award
• Third winner in design of clothing and accessories, One quarter Bahar Azadi Gold Coin together with Mahtab Award
It is worthy to mention that the honorary Mahtab Award will be awarded to three pioneers of Needlework art in the region.

Fajr International Festivals (little: FIFF; Persian: جشنواره فجر‎) are Iranian annual festivals, held every year in Tehran, Iran. Annual Festivals for Film, Music, Theater, Visual Arts, Poetry etc. The festivals, started in 1982, is under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in Iran. It takes place every year on the anniversary of the Iranian revolution. The festivals has been promoted both locally and abroad through television, radio and webinars with previous speakers coming from countries all around the world
The 8th Fajr Fashion Festival will be held at the Goftogoo Park in Tehran Febraury 14th till 17th. The festival will showcase some one the best and latest models and designs of the Islamic fashion.

Now this year at the Fajr Fashion Festival, We are representing a new competition category. The competition will accept Short Films (Fictions, Documentaries),Commercials and everything that is fashion related.
You can read the rules of the festival below:
-Films that are devoted to the topic of fashion and clothing in any way.
-We accept both fiction and documentary shorts
-Film’s running time should be under 30 minutes
-Any genre,style or filmmaking technique
-Films should’ve been made in the past 5 years

Awards & Prizes
Participation certificate for selected short films will be issued.
Selected films will be screened and will air on Mostanad Tv, The International Documentry Channel Of Iran.

The dealine is at the end of January.

You can submit your film through Filmfreeway: